FINETUNE is a live project by a musician and artist Michael Dop, also known as the founder of the Slowdance label and community. Finetune is a wide genre palette from experimental electronics and ambient to idm and house, where improvisation is invariably present. This is the music of a brilliantly conveyed spectrum of emotional states, the magic of musical moments colliding in the Brownian movement where Michael Dop only sets the direction of movement, and then the stories begin to speak for themselves deciphering the codes one by one. Poetic, thoughtful lives are created with a live piano or grand piano, a modular synthesizer, live percussion instruments like a kalimba and a tank drum and the artist's own voice.

Finetune's musical canvas resonates with Michael Dop's alter ego as an artist. The artist's painting became the cover of his first EP — Dalnie Dali. For the second mini-release of Right Now he hand-painted all the vinyl sleeves: the artist sequentially depicted a letter from the release title on every cover.

Finetune's debut album - The Inner Space - is a collective metaphor of the accumulated ideas about the human Soul and its properties. The premiere was held in the form of a performance concert at Mutabor Art Center.

The Inner Space is a full-fledged art project that blurs the line between music and visual art. The artist laid out 350 sleeves of his records and painted a large-scale picture on them. In this way, the artist links individual human Souls to the One Absolute which can be approached with the help of art.

"Release covers for me are like a connecting bridge between a musical and a visual part, I see them as an independent art object and the result of a performance," he says.